Welcome to the home page of  Perry Middlemiss.

Any form of introduction at this point is basically going to be a complete waste of time. If the links and information supplied on this and sub-ordinate pages don't provide you with all you need then something is definitely wrong. I am mainly interested in what the Australian part of the Web has to offer and hopefully this page will provide a number of WWW links to various subjects I find myself interested in, and to provide access to visitors to some of my own products. I intend the bulk of these links to be Australian though a few from overseas may sneak in if that seems appropriate. We'll play it by ear.

The topics, for which links and other information accessing methods will be provided, are as follows (in no particular order):

I trust once you access the appropriate topic the processes involved will be self-evident.


Again, thanks for visiting my home page. I hope you found some of the links interesting.

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If you have any comments feel free to send an email to "perry at middlemiss.org".

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